Celtic Sands

The folk fiddling, ancient Celtic harp and lively guitar rhythm enthralls audiences of all ages. Playing the music of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany, Celtic sands has both a traditional and edgy approach to Celtic styles Go to the Celtic Sands website to hear audio samples.

Cafe Europa

For a relaxed stroll through the cafes of Paris, the cobblestones of Italy and the warm seas of the Mediterranean, our trio consists of violin, accordion and keyboard. We play traditional Italian and Neopolitan songs, steamy Argentinian tangos, as well as French and other styles. We also play all the standard wedding classics

Ciribiribin Neopolitan Italian song
Por Una CabezaArgentinian Tango (violin, cello & piano)
"El Choclo" Argentinian Tango (played as violin/piano duo)
Vieni sul Mar Neopolitan Italian song


Klezmer music for dancing with violin, clarinet, accordion, bass and keys, we can play all the Klezmer classics, as well as standard wedding classics and some other styles on request

Russian Sher
Tum Balalaika (sung in Yiddish)
Lebedik un Freilech (4-piece band without bass)

Amethyst Trio Plays Klezmer/Jewish/Russian/Gypsy - small ensemble - Trio, Duo, Soloist

Freilach in L.A (violin & piano)
Der Mirjambrunnen(A Jewish song based on a Fairytale for piano solo)
Serba in New York (violin & piano)
Sunrise, Sunset from "Fiddler on the Roof" (violin & piano)
Dodi Li (harp & violin)
Erev Shel Shoshanim (trio with harp, violin & cello)